28 days

Twenty eight days usually makes something become a habit, right? I have to say, the first 28 days of my vow to be  single have been amazing. I don’t know if it’s because I have been busy or free, but I’m getting used to the house being empty at night. It was always nice to […]

Mr. Moneyball

So, just because I am not dating does not mean I am going to be able to ignore the fact that God did create some rather handsome men. There is a guy in my lit class, Mr. Moneyball because he looks like Brad Pitt in Moneyball, who I just happened to notice, and don’t worry, […]


Whew…this year. Sometimes it can really bother me, the things I have gone through. Most days it doesn’t. Today, however, I don’t have enough coffee or sleep or COFFEE in my system to let it slide by. I know I have choice in the way I react, it is my COMPLETE choice in how I […]

This might sting a little

I had quite a bit of time to think this weekend, which can sometimes be a hidden evil. It’s supposed to clarify your life…it doesn’t do anything but complicate what you thought was so clear. Anyway, I was thinking about this blog…and why I am taking a year off from dating. I have been saying […]

Last Run

I went for my last run before the half on Wednesday of this week. I was alone, but it felt great. It just made sense to be going into this race alone for some reason…maybe I expected it. I ran my last half marathon alone, so why not this one too? Granted, there are plenty […]

I am by no means identifying myself by being single. However, at an age when most of my friends have been married for a while and are talking about starting a family or getting divorced..my being single comes to the surface quite often.And the fact that I have just had a recent breakup doesn’t help. […]