Good Riddance 2013

Dear 2013,

Seriously?! Seriously?! What an ironic year you were. I love how you decided to throw good things at me that were really extremely negative, hidden with glitter and a big bright bow. I will give you this: you started off right with graduate school. Even though you felt the need to drag out my working full time well into the semester, I was able to cope and persevere with straight A’s and eventually quit a job that sucked too much out of me, which actually led me to believe I deserved more. Thus I ended a relationship that I wasn’t quite ready for because I knew myself better than ever, and I booked a flight to Haiti. I do thank you for that. You gave me courage.

While you gave me the solace of running, hiking, and kayaking you also gave me running injuries and over 100 mosquito bites. I thought it just HILARIOUS that you delivered jury duty. I bet you slapped your knee at that one. As soon as jury duty was over, you delivered a full semester of Shakespeare. I am not sure which one you got more joy from. I got you back by attending Wine Wednesday with my girls every week before my night class followed by weekly dinners with my gay best friend. You tried to kill my spirit, but I am too resilient for you. 

I thought you had given me the gift of a man with no complications about halfway through the year. Really, it was just your way of showing me I need not break promises to myself. I jumped into a relationship instead of keeping my promise of not dating until the summer was over. Your message came through LOUD AND CLEAR. No more broken promises to myself. Thanks for that. 

You gave me a breath of fresh air for the rest of the fall. I finally took the plunge into singledom and greatly enjoyed every second. You brought me friends from NYC to Knoxville. You connected me with people I needed, some even from my hometown who I wouldn’t have met had I not been through some of the horridness you brought me. You gave me nights on the town, road trips to visit someone I had no idea I would miss so much, strength to walk away from annoyances. You gave me life again. 

And you took life. You were all about tough lessons and tears. You took two friends’ dads, an iconic country legend, and a best friend. That’s enough don’t you think? You made me cry, which I don’t do very often. You even found the need to make me cry in front of my entire family at a wedding I was PHOTOGRAPHING!! That’s real mature 2013, real mature. 

Well, let me tell you something 2013…you may have taken a lot from me and you may have taught tough lessons, but I came out on top. I conquered you. I have the best group of friends. I have life. More than ever…I have life. 




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