I am by no means identifying myself by being single. However, at an age when most of my friends have been married for a while and are talking about starting a family or getting divorced..my being single comes to the surface quite often.
And the fact that I have just had a recent breakup doesn’t help. So as of, lets say, October 1, for all intense and purposes, I made a vow to remain single for a year straight. Not to say that Mr. Right will be knocking on my door October 1 of next year…but for at least a year I am not fooling with dating. I decided to blog about this venture of my life. I know some days will be funny and some will be sad…but I know I can learn a lot about myself from this…and blogging about it can just be fun or funny for those who actually read my self-pity blogs. So enjoy….if you so desire.


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