No Regrets

I have one regret in my life. If you really know me, you know what that is. Most days I don’t even think about it. I don’t let it consume me. I know that the result of it led me to spending the last four months of Bryan’s life knowing him better than I would […]

The Romantic

Once upon a time, when I entered “singledom”, I did rash things such as dye my hair and move apartments. I would quit a job or start a new path in life or book a vacation. I had no responsibilities to hold me down. I was free to be. Now, in my mid twenties, I […]


No one wants to be told they have potential, and I’ve heard it all my life. You know what that really means? It means you COULD be awesome but you aren’t. It means you are not living up to what you were created for. It means you are wasting space, time, and the skin you […]

Good Riddance 2013

Dear 2013, Seriously?! Seriously?! What an ironic year you were. I love how you decided to throw good things at me that were really extremely negative, hidden with glitter and a big bright bow. I will give you this: you started off right with graduate school. Even though you felt the need to drag out […]

Letter to him…

My dear, my lovely…Bryan, The words that follow are things I never thought I would write. I never thought I would cry this much again. I don’t even know where to begin. There are no words, honestly. I miss you. I can’t seem to articulate anything eloquently enough to describe the way I feel. The […]

Thanks for the memories?

I have started searching through some old writings to find some inspiration. Wow, talk about digging up some demons. It’s wild how some things haunt us and how you can remember things like it was yesterday. Such as an imprint on the floor of your first apartment left behind from the suitcase of the one […]

A little advice

It’s funny how things can make you numb. It’s kind of frustrating. I mean, there are things that I call my best girls about because I know I should be feeling something more. So I question more than I should, and I make smaller things into bigger things because I don’t know how to feel […]

Sick of This

Let me just give you the rundown: I’ve been a little sick this week. I only get sick like twice a year which of course means I am totally incapable of handling it when it does come around. I am the one that self-diagnoses through things like webMD which of course means I have every […]

Honestly, Honesty

This is going to be a tough post for me to write, but I feel like you all deserve my honesty and raw emotions. I knew it would slap me in the face eventually. I think there is a honeymoon stage in being single just as there is in a relationship. I can’t reiterate enough […]